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My son's D2 has a driver side rear door window and lock that works intermittently -- but more often doesn't work than it does.

I was assuming that we had a harness issue in the area between the door and the body (wires fatiguing thru open/close cycle), so we took off the door and B-pillar panels and tested the continuity of every wire that goes thru that protective rubber boot from connector to connector and found them to all be working.

I find it hard to believe that both the lock mechanism and the window lift motor in that door would BOTH be going bad at the same time, so my next guess is that maybe there is a ground block in the door somewhere that grounds both systems.

I looked at the ground point diagram in the manual (RAVS?), and it doesn't show any ground point in the doors, so I am at loss at what to try next.

Any ideas out there?
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