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Where do I start ??? I can hear the pump running when I push the rear window cleaner button, but no spray.. I tried to get the tank out yesterday, but as they say in he Haynes manual..the lower bolts just spun.. I'll try to find a SMALL nut spliter tomorrow. All of mine were way to large. I don't see any sign of fluid in the rear line by the pump. Could there be a clog somewhere ?? The rear probable doesn't get used as much as the front.. I've had this happen a couple of times on Porsches I've worked on and it resulted in me NOT having to buy a new one. Does the one -way valve tend to clog ?? Any help is appreciated !!!

Paul Zwerner
"98 Discovery LSE

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For the Disco Series 1 (Sorry I can not attach the illustrations, hope this helps)


NOTE: These instructions apply to
windscreen and rear window wiper motor.
If unsatisfactory operation of wiping equipment is
experienced, a systematic check to determine fault
should be carried out:
1. Check blades for signs of excessive friction. This
reduces wiping speed of motor and cause
increased current draw which may damage
armature. Check by substitution.
2. Check windscreen wiper motor light running
current and speed with motor coupling link
disconnected from wiper shaft transmission
Check rear window glass wiper motor with wiper
connected and glass wet. Connect an ammeter in
series with motor supply. Measure current
consumption when motor is switched on. Check
operating speed by timing speed of rotation of motor
coupling link. The results should compare with figures
given in ’General Specification Data’.
NOTE: If vehicle wiring connections are
disconnected and an alternative supply
source is applied it is essential that
correct polarity is observed. Failure to observe
this will cause motor to rotate in reverse direction,
which may result in limit switch contacts being
3. If motor does not run satisfactorily or takes
higher than normal current, a fault exists and
must be remedied.
4. If current consumption and speed of motor are
satisfactory. A check should be carried out for
proper functioning of transmission linkage and
wiper arm shafts.
NOTE: Service parts are not available for
windscreen and rear window wiper motors
with exception of windscreen wiper rotary
connecting link.


1. Remove washer reservoir. See Washer
2. Disconnect washer tubing from pump.
3. Disconnect electrical leads from pump.
4. Pull top of pump away from its location in
reservoir and remove pump.
Note position of sealing gasket in reservoir.
5. Reverse removal procedure. 1 to 4.


1. Remove plastic nut cover and wiper arm
securing nut.
2. Withdraw wiper arm and grommet from splined
3. Allow wiper motor to move to ’park’ position.
4. Fit spacer and wiper arm to splined boss so that
the wiper blade is clear of rear window surround.
5. Fit and tighten securing nut.
6. Push plastic nut cover into position.
7. Check operation of wiper.


1. Turn washer jet in a clockwise direction to
release it from the rear quarter panel.
2. Remove rear quarter/speaker trim panel.
3. Feed washer tubing through rear quarter panel
to allow removal of washer jet.
4. Remove washer jet from tubing.
5. Reverse removal procedure. 1 to 4.
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