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This is a letter I received today. I have generously spent 10 minutes typing it up. Hope it helps incase you are not the original owner of your Disco.


B167 Emissions Recall Action -- On-Board Diagnostic System Program Update

Vehicles Affected: Discovery Series II Model Year 2001 through 2004 (1A288065 to 4A864382) :shifty:

Dear Land Rover Owner,
Land Rover North America and the California Air Resources Board have determines that the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) system calibration on your vehicle will not properly identify a problem with the fuel tank leak detection module ("Leak Detection Module"), if one should occur.

Land Rover is therefore implementing this Emissions Recall Action on all Discovery models that may exhibit the emissions system faults described below. Your vehicle is included in this recall action.

Recall "On-Board Diagnostic System Program Update"
The OBD system is deisnged to signal the owdner when it detects a malfuntion in some part of the vehicle emissions control system by illuminating the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light on the instrument panel. Land Rover has determined that certain 01 through 04 Discovery Series II vehicels will not correctly diagnose certain malfuntions with the Leak Detection Module.

What is the problem?
On vehicles affected by this condition, the OBD computer software will not store a fault, not illuminate the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light:complain:
alerting the driver to malfuntions of the Leak Detection Module. Whne this condition occurs, your vehical cannont detect air pollutant leakage, which may exceed California standards. These standards were established to protect your health and welfare from the dangers of air pollution.

What will Land Rover and your Land Rover retailer do?
In order to remedy this situation, Land Rover is conduction and Emissions Recall Campaign. An authorized Land Rover Retailer will perfrom the required repair actions free-of-charge :clap: for parts and labor.
What should you do?
Please contact your authorized Land Rover Retailer to schedule and appointment to havge this work completed on your vehicle at your earliest convenience. This work will be carried out free-of-charge. When you contact the retailer, inform them of the need to have Recall Action B167 cpmpleted on your vehicle. Your authorized Land Rover Retailer will install the updated software to the ECM in your vehicle.

In order to ensure your full protection unter the emission warranty applicable to your vehicle, it is recommeneded that you have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible. It is importatn that the diagnostic software in your vehicle be corrected promptly, otherwise, your vehicle could fail a state or local emissions inspection.

How long will it take?
The complete repair should take approximately 30 minutes. However, due to service scheduling requirements at the Retailer, your vehicle may be needed for a longer period of time. Please contact your authorized retailer to schedule and appointment. There is no impact on driveablity or vehicle functionality.

:drink1: Cheers, OrangeCountyLR714
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