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Hey there fellow defender Drivers,
I live in England and have a 1989, 90".
I have got a pair of Recaro racing seats that i inhereted from a relation.
These seats where originally fitted to an Audi. I want to know if there is any company that makes subframes for these seats so that they could be fitted to my landrover.
I could just bolt them to the seat box but this isnt an option for me as i need the seats to be able to slide back and forth to accomidate all sizes of drivers.
Can anybody help me shed some light on this problem and how it can be solved?

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Here's what I did.

I put Corbeau seats in the front of my 110. They are very similar to Reccaro.
I used the LR seat rails, by unbolting the seat bases (Large phillips screws), then welded 4 tabs to the sliding rails to align with the bolt holes in the bottom of the Corbeau seats, Only drawback is I have to unbolt the seat rails should I need access to the battery compartment. They are, on the otherhand, fully adjustable ( except for my freak lawyer friend, at 6'8")
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