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Recent MODS = 3 Amigos and under car Noise

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I have a D2 with about 140k on it. "WAS" :help running perfectly.

Recently had a local tire shop put on a 2" TerraFirma kit along with 265/70/18 tires, and a heavy duty serviceable front driveline (bputah)

Issue: I now (first day on the road after shop) have the 3 amigo lights along with a loud metal on metal thump during acceleration and when coming to a stop. The 'thump' is intermittent but does occur at least 3 times during my 15 mile drive to work. I took it back to the shop and they located the faulty wheel speed sensor and are replacing/fixing it now.

Has anyone seen a faulty wheel speed sensor cause any sort of transmission noises?

Thanks in advance,

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Haven't heard of a wheel speed sensor doing that but I have heard of drive line angles causing thumps/clunks. When you lift the truck angles change in the driveshafts etc and can cause odd noises. Most don't do it with a 2" lift but it's not unheard of.
ArmyRover: Thanks for your response.

Update: Shop reported FR wheel speed sensor was broken due to lug breaking (at no fault of their own, of course). I asked them to please fix the broken wheel speed sensor and hub. He said "sure for 500". I may have said something involving BAR and somehow left with a wheel speed sensor and no amigos (figuratively, and literally).

The noise ended being the broken lug flopping around the inner hub assembly, so that was a relief that the transmission wasn't messed up.

That being said, I am now driving without 1 lug. I think I will just replace all hubs as they are all pretty rusted anyway. Anybody know of some decent ones online?
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