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So this is not to recent but why not show it.
ARB Cut down Bar

Who can pick what is missing apart from the seatbox?

Thats right boys and girls the gearbox and transfer case.
Recently I had problems with the gearbox and it was time to come out.
Racing for the tools I began tearing the inside and out apart, so that it could be done in the car port with an engine hoist. I'm cheap what can I say. The only problem was that while most of the car was apart it was easy to fix the central door locking all the aux wiring for the lights and compressor and winches.
It was also the perfect time to put on some exterior heat and sound proofing.
Underside of the seat box with the new heat and sound proofing.

another shot including the air tank (Makes it easy to inflate at least one and a half tyres after a day out. Also good for the air bed.)

Ok so there are not that many photo's but.
Gearbox is back.

Seat box is waiting to go back and also waiting for the dual batteries

On of the reasons the gearbox had proplems was aparently heat, so I decided to replace the small oil cooler (more of a pipe) that is factory with a real one. It is located up the front on the right hand side of the car.

I attached it by cutting and flanging the origional oil cooler(pipe). The gearbox now takes 1L of extra oil.

And as per usual all work that I carry out at home is oversean by the strict quality control officer.

I am now back on th road. :clap: :drive:

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I seem to remember mine looking like that awhile back. I didn't have the patience to wait for the insulation material and went ahead and put the seatbox in without it. That's OK for the winter, but it's a cooker in there in the summer. Is it any wonder the transmissions need extra cooling. I too am going to add cooling capacity for my R380. The factory one in front of the rad isn't big enough
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