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Hi all you brainboxes out there, can anyone help me with the following?
I wish to make a remote start for a Landrover which must be capable of:
1. Starting the engine
2. Activating the heater plugs
3. Be able to shut down the engine
4. Carry out the above operations independently of each other.

The system must be capable of allowing one person to turn the engine over whilst carrying out all expected checks and operations.
The equipment i have to do this is as follows:
a) Plastic Box( x1). b) Switch Push( x2). c) Light Ind Red(x2). d) Light Ind Green (x2). e)Switch Toggle(x1). f) Relay(x2). g) Croc Clip(x2) h) Wire Black(10m). i)Wire Red(10m). j) Wire Brown/Red(10m)

I will also have a 12v Battery, 4m of Heavy Duty Wire, a Red Croc Clip and a Black Croc Clip. This will be mounted on a trolley.
Any help with this problem will be greatly appreciated.
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