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Removing front Air Dam

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hi...i'm tryin to get a better approach angle by removing the front air dam...can somoebody tell me how to do this...or will i have to get new bumper or what?
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What year truck and how much off roading do you do?
Do you have a lift?
Mike J.
DiscoMike, How about dam removal for a disco1? Looks like the bumpercaps will need to be cut, is this right? Or should they be removed altogether?

Your advice on the magnacor 8mm and bosch+4s were dead on. I cant believe the difference with such a small investment. Thanks for the advice.
97 disco 1...wheelin all the time....lift comin soon.....when i take the dam off...will my turn signal indeicators on the side still be there or what?
also...what does the bumper underneath the dam on the sides look like?
On a disco 1, you will remove the airdam from the bumper, and cut the bumper end-caps at the crease to make it look right. About 1hour's work including cleanup.

It looks right, there are some pictures circulating.
I Just finished up. It took me all of 30 minutes. The nuts came off easy, Cutting was a snap with a dremel and sanding and steel wool to finish the edge off. The crease makes it easy, there is almost no way to mess up! Thanks to all!

Is it me or does the Disco just plain look better without the dam?
It looks better, it looks right. Now what to do with these factory fogs I just had to have, ...
Now what to do with these factory fogs I just had to have, ...

I'm just thinking out loud. The existing bolt shafts that secured the dam in place are embedded in the bumper and they're set in a symmetrical fashion...Is it possible to fabricate a simple bracket for those fog lights from these boltshafts?
The original Disco plastic fogs are IMO more for sporty looks than real lights. I wouldn't bother re-mounting them. I think even the Hella 500 fog puts out as good a beam, ... no mask and thus ambiguous cutoff.
my buddy took his air dam off his suburban...and we realized it was there for a keep air from flowin through the suspension and making an obnoxious whistling noise while your driving....does this happen?
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