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Repair/body shop in Los Angeles and ARB bumper ?s

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well, the title is mostly self explanatory. i got into a fender bender and have some front end damage and I'm looking for somewhere to fix it. but I'm hoping to somewhere with some knowledge or experience with these bc I'm considering some extra or alternate work to it along with maintenance as well. so id actually like some input on this too.

instead of just doing the stock front end I'm thinking of just getting an ARB front to beef up the front end. plus i thought id probably be cheaper to buy that then all the oe stuff anyway. I'm just concerned with all the extra weight of it. so I'm wondering what else i need to do to front suspension and/or back to handle it all? i have an HSE with air bags in the back if thats pertinent. i need to keep pretty close to stock height bc the garages are so low around here i can't go much, if any higher.

id appreciate any and all the help you guys can give me. thanks in advance.
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