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This is going to be a stupid question for most of you, but I may be purchasing a 98 Discovery LSE and I am wondering who to go to for service. I'm new in my area and therefore do not know of any "trusted" mechanics. Should I bring it to a Rover dealer or should I seek out a trustworthy mechanic? In addition, what knowledge (like what other model cars/SUV this mechanic has worked on in the past) should I seek out? Finally, I consider myself a technical person, and would love to learn how to do my own repairs, however I know very little about cars, and even less about Rovers (I have years as a bike/Ski/snowboard tech/mechanic :) How would I find/obtain technical information concerning repairs? Sorry for being such a newbie, but I want to learn my vehicle inside and out. Thanks in advance
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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