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Hello to the D1 crowd!

I posted this last week on the D2 forum and Paul Grant just made me realize it would be useful to you guys as well!

Hello all,

Over the past two years I have worked (on and off) on finding a permanent solution for replacing the rollers on the power window mechanism instead of replacing the more expensive power window mechanism itself. The major hurdle was that the shaft on which the rollers are installed is in fact a rivet that is resistance welded to the lever arms of the mechanism. So I designed a two part roller that is glued over the rivet using JBWeld adhesive. There is no need to remove the rivet or anything like that.

After a few iterations with my 3D printer, I decided to upload my design at Shapeways, and have it professionally printed with much better plastic and a nicer finish.

So after almost two years of testing, the roller is available at the following address :

The part is made out of white nylon, and is composed of six half-rollers that are held together by small bridges. You carefully cut the bridges and sand the cut smooth. You then apply a fine coat of grease all around the rivet carefully, apply the JB Weld adhesive carefully on the mating surfaces, then finally put the parts together over the rivet and allow the adhesive to set. The three rollers that are included in one part allow you to replace all three rollers on one mechanism, or repair three rollers on different windows. With all the right tools and the Rave manual to get the window regulator out, it’s a pretty easy job.

Shapeways is a company that prints your design in the material you choose, then ship it to you. They determine the production and shipping costs, and if you want to make the product available to others, then you can add a suitable markup that reflects the time and money you spent on developing the object that is being sold. I decided on a markup that is equivalent to buying a bottle of beer. So it’s like you are buying me a beer for sharing my design with you.

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