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How hard is it to replace the AC compressor myself? I know I have to get the gas pumped down but I was hoping I could do the replacement. Any info would be appreciated.

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You’ll need the compressor, drier, and oil matched to the factory spec for the system. I’d recommend a line set and vacuum pump.

1. Get the system evacuated.

2. Pull the serpentine belt.

3. Remove the AC hoses from the compressor, and the drier.(make note of any o-rings in the fittings/lines. If not included with the compressor/drier you’ll need to go get replacements)

4.Unbolt the compressor and set it aside.

6. Remove the fitting block from the compressor.

5. Hold the used compressor over a clean measuring cup and drain the oil from it by rotating it by hand.

6. Unbox the new compressor, remove its shipping plate(where the fitting block will go) and drain the oil from it.

7. Measure from your new oil to get the same amount as came from the old compressor and add it to the new compressor.

8. Mount the fitting block from the old compressor on the new unit.

9. Reinstall the compressor on the engine.

10. Reattach lines with new o-rings(lube new rings with a little fresh ac oil to keep them from pinching.)

11. Reinstall serpentine belt.

12. Reinstall the new drier, same deal new o-rings and a little oil.

13. Evacuate system with a vacuum pump for 30min(or longer if high humidity environment) Let it sit before disconnecting gauge set to verify it holds vacuum.

14. Recharge system, verify function.

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