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Replacing coil springs and shocks, what a mess.

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So finally I am replacing all coil springs and shocks on '95 classic. Ohh it soooo easy!
Not really. I bought medium springs and shocks from Atlantic British, Terrafirma.
It has been a while since I did my '87. So if you do have a day job you forget how things go together.
NO instruction from Terrafirma, just smudged pencil marked "D" side, the taller one. NO new nuts for the top rear shocks, so you have to used the old rusted ones. Got it. If you go cheap...$400 bucks.
The rear springs have more dense coils on one end, the front don't....hmmm which way they go? Terrafirma...NO instruction? AB told me bottom gets the more dense coils. My OME HD have them on the top. After cutting off the bottom stubborn shock nuts with grinder on both rear shocks, I am stuck, do NOT wanna do this over again.
O yeah the front bottom shock nuts would not turn loose, there is no clearance to put impact wrench on it. NO one has a tool for the little thingy sticking out about 1/2 a inch..oh my God! Terra has 22mm nuts instead 19mm,so there is even less room now.
That is for the easy and simple job. It beats doing heater box for sure, but it could turn in to pain in the ... I did spray penetrating oil on all the treads for few days now. Did not make it more easier. I did avoid doing it on Monday, but it was Monday even on Tuesday.
Any tips are welcomed!
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Well, got it done. It is one of those "dirty jobs".
After talking to Paul Grant, who is always full of information and knowledge about Rovers, my dilemma which way to place the shocks was solved. He always puts the more dense coils on the bottom, but as long they are both the same probably does no matters so much.
I ended up using "pipe" wrench on holding the body of the shock, while using 19 mm open wrench, the only thing be able to fit between the front axle and the bottom of the shock.
Going from HD OME set up to Medium, I lost 1/2" in the front due to ARB heavy bumper and gain almost a 1" in the rear, no cargo load. So, not much difference to original 2" lift with HD set up. The ride is a world of difference! I am surprised though, that nobody did a write up on this or follow up yet.
Well see how will Terrafirma hold up.
I did send them feed back on lack of documentation or markings and missing those top rear nuts( extra trip to the hardware store) , but do not expect reply.
Next are all bushings, I am not looking forward to that, but I will not bother you guys with it.
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That is great info! Thanks a lot!
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