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Replacing rear air suspension with coils and springs

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Best coils and springs to replace my air bags (rear is not working any more). I want to keep my regular height with no lifting what so ever. Best shocks and springs out therere, Bilstein or other brands; I was told the OLD MAN EMU are for lifted D2, please let me know.
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First why are you getting rid of the air, just because it is not working?????
How long have you had the truck, how many miles on it and what exactly is wrong with it?
OK. You should plan on replacing all 4 shocks and, if it were mine I would do all 4 springs to really improve your ride.
What ever springs will give you at least 1.5"s of lift just cause yours has sagged a lot over the years.
If you want to play 20 questions, send me your number and I'll be glad to walk you thru some options.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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