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Replacing rear diff

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I was wandering if anybody here has ever replaced the rear diff in a 2006 range rover sport? It looks pretty easy, but can't seem to find anybody who has done it themselves, just want to make sure there's no hidden problems when doin the replacement. Thanx in advance. I originally posted this in the sport forum, but I know these trucks are similar, any help would be great.
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I think there are some writeups on disco3 website about this, have you checked there? I am assuming your 06 Sport had a diff failure, sorry to hear that. I am curious if you had changed fluids at all prior to the failure?
Why don't you drop me a PM w/e-mail phone... I can try to steer you in the right direction.
It's on it's way out. I just bought it and I changed the fluids at 60,000, don't look they've ever been changed. I will check out that site too.
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