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Resetting DII Thermometer

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Alright, so I tried to reset the ABS codes (just incase they were tripped and not a persistant problem) by the old "unhook the battery" thing. Well it didnt do anything....except reset my clock and my thermometer.

I did it when it was about 35 degrees outside, and now that its 55 degrees its reading 20 degrees...

How do you reset it so its correct??
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thanks bruinlad, ill give that a try.....should have thought of some sort of celsius mode.

DiscoMike....why do I need a text book when I have the forums?? ;) ....I should get one though.

*edit* Cool it worked.....dang..I should have thought of that. I got stuck on the idea that somehow the temp sensor reset to the present temp as zero....hehe
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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