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1993 range rover lwb - Roman Bronze
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Hello all.....this is for those few of you that still have your EAS intact......I was digging through some old stuff and came up with this paper that a good friend of mine ( rover tech) and it shows how to reset your EAS system. Without further ado:

1. Flip the switch under the passenger seat (A)
2. Push the inhibitor switch (B) down
3. Jack up the rover to about 3 fingers above tire
4. Disconnect battery for 30seconds
5. Reconnect the battery
6. Flip switch (A)
7. Start rover
8. Push switch (B) up
9. Drop rover
10. All Done

Hope this helps......I'm no rover expert at all....just passing on information that may be useful to someone.....if anyone feels these steps are incorrect, please feel free to edit and repost.

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