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reupholster leather? Refit P38 seats?

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Anyone ever put in P38 seats in a classic? Or re-leather the existing seats? Wondering about options/cost.


94 SWB Classic
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Are you in the UK?-apparently they have people who specialize in that--Why would you want to put P38 seats in a Classic? The Classic seats are very comfortable, and seem to wear better than the P38 seats. Not sure if the fit is the same, but its very likely the electrics are not. P38 seat has power lumbar, memory settings, power headrests--all things not found on the classic. (Late Classics had memory but settings were stored within the switch not a separate computer--i.e. wiring not the same) My 92 Classic has nice gray leather seats, heated and powered. Very comfortable, and with less wear on them then my 95 P38.

Is wear the reason you want them redone?
Good luck.
replacing upholstery totally depends on materials you select and the shop. I got a quote at 1500 for totally replacing the leather seating surfaces on front and rear seats. I think vynil was going to be about 1000. you need to drive to an automotive upholstery store and let them quote for you.
$1500 is REALLY cheap for BOTH front and back! When I last looked into having the seats on my 1988 BMW 535is recovered about 4 years ago it was going to cost $1200 just for the front 2!...

Sigh.. I miss that car.. it was nice.. but I now have a 1998 M3 sedan to replace it, and that thing rocks!

I am in the US - DC area. It is wear - just bought this 94 Classic SWB - very nice, but the seats are near the end of their time frame. I have a line on some reasonable P38 seats in great condition - so I wondered if there was any chance they would drop into the existing space, rails, etc.

You know one thing i forgot about my old RR is that i don't fit in it very well into these cars.. I am kinda long in the body, and my hair is always touching the headliner.. Has anyone lowered thier seat??

I am tired of moving my head over to the sunroof..
I know how it is-I'm 6'5" There is more headroom in the P38 than the Classic (That's right, lean under the sunroof) Discovery's also have plenty of headroom, especially in the rear.
Hi all.
I share the problem of the classic seats in my 91 classic. The bases are too short for my 6'3" frame, but I just love the seats in my P38 HSE. I have just acquired a set of seats from a wrecked P38 and intend to replace those in the Classic with them if I can work out the electrics OR convert them to manual adjustment. (My old 74 2 door has seats from a Honda Prelude - swine of a job fitting them, but very comfortable.

Have just joined this forum, though I created, manage and write articles and administer the forum for the website Range Rover, Discovery, Defender & Freelander parts-supply and expert service from Graeme Cooper Automotive - Home. I'm still owner of 3 out of a total of 8 Range Rovers.

Any advice on fitting the P38 seats seriously appreciated


Sorry - did not intend to add the GCA "commercial" - went in automatically, when message was posted

I am considering the same thing as I too am having the same problem with my '93 r/r. I was thinking of using the seat frame from a disco with manual seats. havent gotten around to specking out the measurments yet, just a thought.
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