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Recently my wiper motor has stopped working, and in the last two days starting has become a problem.... the ignition coil can be hearding clicking, but no starter. I jiggled some wires and well a little later off I went. Also noticed in the engine bay that some of the wiring runs right of the block and as a result have suffered from the exposure to the heat. Also I have quite a few wires and terminals not connected. This vehicle is also my daily driver so any repairs are going to have to be done piece meal.

Question 1:

What equipment am I going to need, to prevent myself blowing up things, and getting it mostly right the first time?

Question 2:

Are there any particular prone areas, which I can tackle first?

Your help will be much appreciated, and hopefully if I can do this, I will try and document it so that other people can learn from my experiences.

Question 3:

Is there a onlilne reference on how to do this?



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Well, if you can't spring for a new harness, at least replace the important starting circuit wires:
1.battery lines
2.line from solenoid to starter
3.starter ground strap
4.lines from ignition to starter solenoid and...hmm, isn't there a white/red to the voltage regulator?
Also make sure the low tension lead is in good shape if you have the points ignition as well as the wires to/from the coil.

A crimping tool for the bullet connectors is a good thing to have around.

The wiring diagram in the green bible should be all you need.


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Take a look att he following:
1) Is your battery charging 100% Remember it is now winter (Even if it does not feel like it yet) and if your battery is not 100% then the cold will definatly kill it slowly. (Something us South africans will never learn as we dont have really cold winters here as in other places) (Minimum today 6 degrees here in Jo'burg)
2) Check for water comming in under your dash through the vents. this can cause shorts in the wiring located in your cab. I once spend a whole day searching for a short in my Dashboard caused by this.
3) Earth of the Enjin is very importend. (did the guy that did your conversion put an additional earth from the enjin to the chassis or is it just the earth cable comming from your starter?
4) Check the bushes on the starter, (The old landy starter was a universal Bosh starter and Midas stock the Bushed ar R45 a set. However I believe that you would have retained the Chev starter on your enjin?)
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