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Hi all,

So I have tried ignoring the problem but that hasn't worked. Every morning, and it is only morning, several of the relays under the dash click continuously. The red gear selection indicator lights also click (but no M&S lights). The windows will judder up slowly, cutting out as the relays drop out. The indicators do the same.

She starts first time and the automatic gear change is no problem.

I only drive 10 mins to work and the clicking (from all the relays) slows a little. When I come to drive home again there is absolutely no clicking at all and all the gear lights behave themselves.

Also but maybe separate to the issue; I have to press the keyfob at least 3 times to get the catch up.

I'm thinking fuse box Earth wire but have no idea where it is. The Earth points by the battery seem good.

Has anyone had this before?

All help much appreciated,

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