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rolled Disco

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My son rolled my Rover last weekend. He lost control after swerving to avoid some oncoming idiot turning right in front of him. At least he is okay, even though the Rover is a gonna.

So long Disco.


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It's great that he's OK, time to look for another one.....;)
Rover's can take a real bad roll, buy him another one for the safty.
That'll buff out, if not build a truggy.

Glad your boy is ok
I'm glad your son is okay!

In all seriousness, I might be interested in buying that. I just bought a 2003 SE7 with a real rough interior. I'm basically a straight shot up 476. Shoot me a PM.
Wow. Glad your son is okay. Nice disco for parts.

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You guys are vultures! Trying to benefit from this mans tragedy. Seriously, are used parts all you guys can think about??

Though I am looking for a new center console if you're selling, haha. Just messin

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Disco Mike is right, discos can take quite a roll. If your own experience didnt convince you, mine should. I didn't exactly walk away from it, but six months later I'm all but back to perfect shape. I made many a believer in these trucks. I don't think you can beat these rigs in terms of safety.


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Can take a licking

I got rearended 12/26/13 by a Ford Explorer and the Ford folded like a cheap folding chair but the Rover barely any damage. This thing is steel but not from Michigan if you get my drift but no harm intended.
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