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Greetings from sunny Nova Scotia, I am trying to find, without much luck, a rack and basket combo for my LR2. I also have no idea where they clip on...I am seeing what others call "rain gutters" just the lip of the roof, or the strip of plastic on each side where I assume the OEM unit would install if your chose that option. I have tried going to the Thule, and Yakima sites, and using the "what fits your vehicle" step-by-step, guide, but it gets sooooo confusing. Item A will fit item B only if utilised with items M and Q in conjuction with complete *insert brand name or part here* I would like to get the Thule MOAB on a set of racks that could hold some water jugs/gas cans, a 68lb kayak adn some gear, so the rack needs to be rugged.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
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