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Red Rhino Products [] is currently selling our one-off roof top tent system designed and used on the 2004 USA to Belize Expedition. [See for expedition details.] The tent system was designed with a few things in mind in comparison to some competitors. We wanted it to be light weight, easy to use and still sturdy. The tent system is constructed out of aluminum L-channel, aluminum diamond plate and marine plywood. All the fabrication and welds were performed by a local shop and are top notch. Currently the frame is still aluminum color but could easily be painted any color to suite your needs. The tent feet are currently set to fit a RRC Voyager Rack [see for information on Voyager racks] but they could be re-fitter to suit your needs. The pole system on the tent is designed to either drop back to the wheels at an angle or go straight to ground with 12” of up and down adjustment. The system weighs approx 150lbs and can be moved around by one man if needed. The tent is based on a two man trail tent and can sleep two men with comfort. Other roof top tents retail for upwards of $1300 for base models, we are asking $600 for this unit. Shipping is not a problem but we would need to wrap it on a palate and it would be up to the customer to pay for it. If you have any questions please visit us at or call us at 904-260-3373.

Pictures can be seen at, click on Vehicles for Sale then White Expedition Range Rover.

Thank you for the board space!
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