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Hi everyone, appreciate any help available!

Bought a 97 Discovery about 3 months ago, I like it, but she has some issues!

Main priority is the rough idle issue. I've read a lot of posts on rough idling LRs, and a lot of different opinions, so I got a basic code reader and the codes, now trying to diagnose from the codes.

The idle was erratic, sometimes it would idle normal, sometimes about 2000rpms, mostly around 400rpms, or less and would die when coming to a stop.

I've cleaned the throttle body and replaced the IAC and fuel filter. She ran better withe the IAC unplugged, so I replaced that--no difference. I'm now running with it unplugged, because it is at least consistent that way--low/rough especially at start up, but at least does;t stall (or jump up to 2000rpms). Drives fine, though a pig on fuel, but that might be normal, sounds like.

So, hooked up the scanner and got a whack of codes, but still not sure where to start. I think a new MAF is in order, but I think those codes could be caused b other things....

So, hoping to utilize your experience and knowledge!

OK, the codes are:


DOn't seem to be able to erase them either, or if it does erase, they are back on startup.

Anyone experience this?


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