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Rover backed into. Rough cost for parts(and labor I dont have the time)?

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Last night my 04 D2 in the Vienna Green or whatever they call it was backed into along with another car at my apartment complex.

The guys truck popped out of park and hit my front passenger portion of the bumper cracking the outer part(green) and a piece inside the bumper.

What would this cost to fix roughly? Are the green corner pieces covers for the black bumper? Also on the drivers side there is a crack in the black bumper part shown in pic.

Guy has $500 deductable for insurance and the other car he hit will need a new corner bumper thing too.



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Your best bet is to take it to a body shop for a free estimate on the repair. It's hard to guess prices in your neighborhood as they vary based on location.

Also it's hard to tell from the pic but it looks like your panel gap fender to hood might be off as well.
Thanks ill give that a shot. Now if we go through insurance would I locate a collision repair placed based off of mine USAA or his? USAA is really strict on finding good repair places.

The gap was there when I bought the car. It just needs to be aligned. The other side is really close.
To get the estimate you don't have to involve the insurance company.

I would just take it to a reputable shop in your area
If you insist that they repair it at the LR Dealer with all new OEM parts - which you should, considering he did the damage and his insurance is covering the cost you're looking at:

Bumper End Cap: $105
Bumper: $700
Mechanical Labor: 4 hrs @ $98/hr (estimated dealership rate) = ~$400
Paint: Labor/Materials ~$300

You're easily looking at $1500 in repairs. I don't think anyone makes aftermarket bumpers for the LR so you may be stuck with OEM prices. You may be able to save money on used parts - but a used bumper in serviceable condition is pretty rare so even that may be out of the question.

Body work isn't cheap. LR body work even less so.
I think he means aftermarket stock bumpers. Not HD off road ones
get an aftermarket steel bumper and the next time someone hits it they will be very sorry ;)
I have never heard of a deductible for liability insurance.

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Right...I wouldn't give a **** what his deductible is. Hell I'd be doin donuts in a rent-a-car already. Yes...get the rental insurance.
Right...I wouldn't give a **** what his deductible is. Hell I'd be doin donuts in a rent-a-car already. Yes...get the rental insurance.
LOL... that's awesome. "DONUTS in a rental" good old days.. :buttrock:
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