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Hello all. I wanted to stop in and introduce myself and problems. Lol.
I just bought a 02 Discovery II and broke the trans housing within 10 mins with a broken u-joint. So I've been tearing into it to replace the trans with some difficulty. (Posted asking for help in the D2 forum)
I've always been a Jeep guy and figured I would try my hand at a LRD since I have always liked the styling. Needless to say this thing is proving to be a pita although I have been very lucky so far that the bolts have been easy to break free and get out with no rust like jeeps always have.
On that subject there is one bolt that was broken off that held the Y-pipe to the drivers side manifold and I think that was a source of exhaust leak so I will have to remove and drill it out before I put everything back together. Are the manifold bolts usually pretty easy to get out? Are they prone to snapping or stripping? What size and type of socket are they? Would I be better off not even risking it and try to drill it out while the manifold is still attached?

I know I am full of questions but I'm hoping to find the rover guys as helpful and friendly as the jeep guys I have met through the years.

I have a 2002 black LRD series 2 with the V8 and that's about all I know about it a this point really. Besides the fact it has been immobile since I bought it. Well 5 mins after as I was getting up to highway speed before my front shaft did somersaults down I95. :mad:

Any help is appreciated and in person help is rewarded with copious amounts of your favorite brew. :D. (Southern Chester county PA about 45 mins outside Lancaster near MD and Delaware borders )
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