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RR sport 2006 tailgate won't close

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Hi, can anybody help please??
My sport tailgate window refuses to close and has a loud mechanical ratcheting noise
When the tailgate handle is tried. It sounds like a solenoid going crazy...the tailgate won't lock or close although sometimes half closes on the catch . the lights stay on in the trunk unless you switch off the coutesylight.. Please help if you know what's going on!
Thanks. PR
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I had a similar issue in my '06 Sport. Periodic clicking in the electronic rear glass switch would unlock/release the hatch glass. Had the switch replaced and the problem has not repeated itself since.
Thanks for the which part was faulty? was it the switch on the rear glass hatch or the mechanism in the body of the mail tailgate?

Is it to specialized to fix myself? If its just a faulty switch it sounds possible. Thank you for your help.
It was just the electronic switch underneath the glass hatch. I'd say that it is probably quite easy to install the new one, I just couldn't see how to remove the old one. The dealer replaced the switch and the problem went away but then the switch kept falling out (hanging by its wires in front of the license plate. I would push it back in place but it would drop again. It looked like plastic tabs on both ends (like the single prong on a phone cord into a handset or wall jack). I returned to dealer & complained and it hasn't dropped out again. I took a picture but I'd prefer to fuzz out my plate detail...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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