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VW 120 Amp alternator. about a year old. Comes with bosch pigtail, bracket, pulley, and belt)

ABS pump - Makes a little noise but still runs and works - came off the truck that was my daily driver
$200 shipped -

ABS pump - its a spare i've had in my tool box for a few years. Came off a 95 LWB. It ran when I hooked it to a battery and the truck it came off of was super clean, so I assume its actually in better condition that the one above.
$350 shipped -

Radiator - Recored about 2 years ago. good condition. less than 20k on it.
$150 Shipped

also have, an early RRC Fuel pump (for metal gas tank) - was replaced about a year ago. is in good working order
$50 shipped

Best way to contact is email [email protected]
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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