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Hi everyone,
My RRC '91 that I just bought won't start, there is no spark and the alternator/coil/distributor wiring looks pretty messed up. I'm only 16 so I have no clue about electrical wiring on a car. I would be really pleased if someone could help me. I already checked the distributor cap and it is good condition. The yellow/brown wire isn't connected anywhere on the alternator but i'm pretty sure it's for the RPM(see pic #4 ). There is also a wire coming from the air flow meter harness that isn't connected anywhere(see pic #2 ). Maybe there is no sparks because of a bad connections on the coil they look pretty corroded.
Thanks a lot.



#1- image_zps2bramm75.jpeg Photo by ed_plante | Photobucket
#2 - image_zpsssen4gmd.jpeg Photo by ed_plante | Photobucket
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