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RSW solutions Land Rover LR3 - 4Dcan Diagnostics review

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Thought I'd post a little review of some software I came across. A little back story, I had a suspension fault a while back and really wanted to sort it out myself instead of paying the stealers a bucket of money. I came across the RSW Solutions LR3 Activate tool which is a dongle that reads Air suspension faults and lets you pull them off the device via USB. After some email exchanges I was given a chance to beta his new diagnostic software that utilizes a standard USB OBDII device, no other special hardware needed.

I have no connection with RSW Solutions, I was just lucky enough to beta test the software. If you'd like more info I'm sure google could sort you out. If you have any general questions feel free to ask. I made the video the other day and since speaking to him the beta test is over and its available for purchase.

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video has been fixed
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