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Rubber disc that bolts to the driveshaft.

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Damn, I forgot to take a pic earlier today, but I noticed today when I was repainting the rusty undercarriege flat black (damn you Ibjettin, got me on a painting tangent now that I see yours)
I noticed the rubber disc that bolts from the rear differential to the driveshaft, has stress cracks on it.

Anyone know what it is (como se llama?:dunno: ) from my decription, and how hard it is to replace?
It looks like I can take it off myself. Just looks like it unbolts to get it off.
Anyone have any experience with taking this hockey puck of a disc off? :dunno:
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Si chiama "il rotoflex" o se llama "el manchon".

You can replace it with a u-joint driveshaft from a 91 RR (along with the flange and spacer). No need to spend $399 for a conversion kit. They only last a few years if you have a lift on your Disco.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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