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This is from an email list that I belong to....

Anyone who wants to come to the Rubicon Lite trip, here (finally) are the

Dates are Friday evening the 9th of September at the campground so we can
drive on the Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th. You can arrive on Saturday morning if it is a long drive after work on friday. We can unload and have light empty trucks and have a base of operations. Saturday night can be a potluck, so bring along a treat
or dish. People can head home any time on Sunday.

Drive up HWY 50 To Placerville and reset your odometer to zero as you go
through the third of three stop lights right on the HWY.
19 miles later take a left off the HWY at Ice House Road. Reset the
23.7 miles later is Gerle Campground on the left. This is a large full
service campground. If you are late and it is dark, camp here on friday
night. If you have an RV or a large tow vehicle, this would be the place the
leave it and unload.
2.6 miles further along Ice House Road after Gerle campground is an unmarked
right turn next to an island of grass in a gravel area. ( If we can, we will
put a Land Rover Emblem on a tree at these turns) Take this turn off
pavement onto dirt and into the woods.
Go 1.5 miles and take a right at a pole marked 14N--- just after a dry ford
crossing (the last three numbers are obscured) There might be another Land
Rover sign on a tree here if I can get to it.
On this dirt road drive 3.2 miles to Wentworth Springs Campground on the
left which is where we will be.

TERRAIN. The last 3.2 miles is gentle offoading and can be done in high
range in most places. There are a few dry longditudinal gullys that will
lean you over a bit but nothing too bad. This last section will take about
45 miniutes to get to camp. It could be done in the dark. This is the
section I would not bring a large tow vehicle or RV down.
The trails in the area are much the same as Blue Lakes, Slickrock and
Niagara Rim if you are not on the Rubicon proper. Stock and modified
vehicles alike can have fun in different areas.

CAMPGROUNDS. Gerle has everything and is $18 a night. Wentworth Springs is a
better layout for a group, but should be treated as a primitive camground as
the toilets are very primitive. Bring everything in, take everything out.

LAST GAS and FIRST AIR. 12 miles along Ice House Road after you have left
HWY 50 is a General Store, bar and gas station. You can get commercial air
here on the way home but it is 25 cents a miniute!

THE RUBICON. Wentworth Springs campground is 100 yards from where the "back
entrance" to the Rubicon is. There is no mistaking it. The granite rises
dramatically from the forest floor and from there on in, it is pretty rough
going. I would seriously advise only lifted, locked modified vehicles and
Eric venture up here. If you do go up, and do not like it, you can turn
around in many places. You are not committed. Stock vehicle owners can ride
with others and have a damn good laugh.

THE YAHOO BRIGADE. There should be very few people around and it should be
uncrowded and quiet because it is the weekend AFTER the Labour Day weekend.

BEARS. There are is frequented by bears, so all the normal precautions
should be taken regarding attracting them.

Please let me know if you can come so I have an idea about numbers.
Mark Pilkington -1972 RRC
Roland Preissner -1988 RRC

Let me know if you're interested,
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