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i have a 86 110, which a has developed the dreaded rust on the windscreen pillers. There is two small holes now through 6the first skin into the pillers just below the windscreen hinges,they were like it when i inherited it from a from a friend,as he was leaving the country and it was in a tow yard for no m.o.t or tax,it cost me 300 pound, engine and running gear was recond in 2001,the clutch is new last year,the gear box was new last year, everything is in excellant condition ecept this rust, i know it will need to be sorted one day, but as time and money dont alow just yet, does anyone know if this will pass a m.o.t like this? Its really depressing having had it for 5 months playing with burnt out spot light wiring as my friend decided the relays were just to waste space and sorting a few other minor probs like clutch cylinder and brake pads. It would be nice to actually use it.
Cheers. :wave:
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