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Has anyone brought in a salvaged Land rover Defender into the USA and how did they do it? Does it need to be off its chassis? Does the engine need to be out? Do the panels need to be off the frame?

I presume, that the vehicle will need original ownership docs from the country of origin.

As the vehicle will be used as parts what can and cannot be brought in?

Can a 2002 Def 130 Hi-cap crew cab come in with little dificulty, if it is to be used as a spares/donor vehicle for other projects?

If light can be shed on this out of the UK, for the best shipping routes and contacts out of England, and knowledge by someone in the US that has done it, I would appreciate a little help.


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With some degree of speculation, I would think one could easily import a vehicle that could not currently be driven if it were really "Totalled" as it would no longer be a motor vehicle, but parts of a crashed one. I have many situations where I've encountered folks who have imported vehicles merely by removing the majoirty of the drivetrain prior to shipping.

As for shipping out of England (with no speculation here), it is cheaper via Liverpool rather than southampton, Willenious-Wilhelmsen lines took great care of me, E. H. Harms did my customs work.

If shipping from the UK, one must obtain an "Export Document" which allows you to remove the vehicle from the country and prove your ownership. It alos removes the vehicle from their tax rolls, etc. Before the export doc is issued, you must book passage and provide a date of embarkation within 14 days of issuance of the export doc.

What might cause you some difficulty is the fact that if the vehicle is not movable under its own power, it will need to be crated and the shipping is considerably more for a crate than for a vehicle that can be driven onto the ship.

That said, a 40' container can be shipped for about twice the cost of a single vehicle and several vehicles can be placed into the container along with lots of parts, some illegal immigrants and lots of other contraband :D

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