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santana syncros

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Hi all, I own a series 3s (santana) here in south africa, about a year ago i decided to respray it and ended up doing a complete re-build! I'm sure a few of you have done the same thing. Before putting the gearbox back in i decided to open it up and have a look,i saw that the syncros were a bit worn and decided to replace them. Here is where all the trouble starts, no one here stocks parts for this gearbox, and second hand parts are like hens teeth :dunno: , as there were only about 5000 of these vehicles assembled here in the early eighties. However i have heard rumours that the syncro from the LT95(early four speed box in the RR) should fit. Can any one out there confirm this? Thanks
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Dear Kai,
We bought a Santana Series III 1977 Land Rover in Honduras last year. It is beautiful but it needs a few parts. We were using it for everyday and then the mechanic tried to work on the steering, which was tanklike, and he suggested a booster for the brakes. We also need a windshield wiper mechanism. DO you have an source for parts and would you share it with me. We are really desperate. Also, is there a manual for Santanas?
santana dealers

Hi Leslie, there are only two firms i know of that deal in santana spares over here. Both firms are found in zimbabwe so you should be able to pick up parts fairly cheap, as their economy is in freefall. Here are the numbers:

LR Manufacturing in Harare. 263 4 780186 or 263 4 780187
Afri-tracs in Bulawayo 263 9 69541 or 263 9 69983

Hope it helps. Note the numbers above include the country code.
Good luck

Have you tried the following companies:

Rob Leimer 011 795 2507
Bel-trade 012 802 1205

Just please remember one thing. Your Landrovers is locally known as the R6.
The Santana refers to the Santana Gearbox that was used.

Kai - Is yours the Petrol or Diesel version? A mate of mine have a Diesel Truck in this configuration and knows a lot about the workings.


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Hi Moeras, mine was the petrol version, bit is now fitted with a 4.1 chev with a webber carb. Thanks for the numbers I will give them a ring during the week, been battling to get parts for the santana box down here in natal. The santana spares in zimbabwe are for the 2.25 petrol and some diesel version, they don,t carry spares for the r6, as you said they were only released here in south africa.
Have sent you on your private email the number of a chap I met in my local greengrocer who mentioned that he had a gearbox. Don't know what type. Perhaps it might be what you need. I was interested to see that you have the Chev 4.1 engine which is what my series 2A has. Originally was the R6 2.6l engine. Fitted with Weber 36DCD carb which I am trying to make more economical!! Don't have to worry about syncros though in the gearbox because this box wasn't fitted with many!! Puts a smile on your face though when you get a gear change with no noise.
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