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Scary sounding question...

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Ok, lately in the am, when I start my DII, I'm hearing a bottom end knock, only for about 2-3 sec's. I've only got 50k on the engine and it only does it when it's that will happen in AZ in the summer but, if it sits for some hours, it does it. Also, the oh so cordial "service engine soon" light comes on intermittently. It seems as though when I adjust the gas cap, eventually the light will go off so I'm assuming it's a vapor/return/or even worse, something emission related so, anyway, anyone ever heard if the oil pump is weak or...The good thing is I bought an extended warranty so, also, had it cover "everything", so I'll only be out 200.00 if it's something major, I'll repost after I get it back from the LR dealer...
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Yeah, we'll see what the dealer has to say on Monday, I'm interested in what code they pull, I have a feeling there's a cat rattle too...but, It's all part of the joys of owning an LR :)
Ok ok ok, I got hosed...1st off, yes, 8/80 is the emmission warranty, unfortunately, it really only covers the cat and the fuel injection ecu. Now, back to the bottom end knock, according to the LR service writer, it's normal...after some miles on the engine, the rings wear a bit, since the block and heads are aluminum and I live on the surface of the sun (AZ), there's some expansion. Now the knock, just piston slap...hmmm, don't really like that answer but, it's the best one. As far as the SES light coming on, it was the mass airflow sensor, after 50k? Got it replaced, stupid me, should have gone to checker and had them scope it quickly, I could have saved about 300.00 if I would have purchased it and replaced it myself, but, I thought it was covered under my extended warranty...oh well, lesson learned.
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