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seat belts

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I've got a 1988 90 with bench seats at the back. Is it possible to have seat belts put in or is there any other alternatives, ie is it possible to put single seats in and then have seat belts put in.
I would love some advice on this and where to get it done.
Look forward to hearing from anybody!
NW uk
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Thanks for the seat belt info so far

xpower racer and worms

many thanks for your feedback, i shall check this out. As you can appreciate the last thing I want is a 3year old action man jumping up and down whilst i'm on the road.
Any other info or advice that can be given, I'm new to 90's, then it is most appreciated.
Worms, cheers for the advice.
Actually I'm now a bit fed up.
After only a couple of days the gears are really playing up. I can't even get into fith?
Will check the gear oil on Thursday but any other advice again would be great.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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