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Seeking Insight

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I am US (Colorado) based, and I recently purchased an electronic distributor, ETC5835EBLACK, from an English company, after receiving assurances from them via email that it would fit my 1960 88 Series II. Here is my dilemma:

My old Lucas distributor has only one wire coming out of it, connecting to the negative on the coil. The new distributor has a negative and a positive wire, with instructions to connect those two to the negative and the positive of the coil respectively. I connected the black to the negative on the coil, but when connecting to the red to the positive all hell breaks loose- sparks, etc. The positive on the coil appears to go to either the ignition switch or the voltage regulator (I'm not not sure which). The company in England has basically brushed me off regarding a solution, leading me to believe they don't have an answer or the sold me the wrong distributor and don't want to admit it. I'm not trashing the company- I've had great service and products from them to date.

Is there a solution for being able to use the new distributor? Where would I connect the positive on the distributor if I cannot connect it to the coil.

Electronics is clearly not my forte', so any advise, including tossing the new distributor in the trash, is welcome.

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