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this is my first post here.
I have started building my series 2a 88 hybrid.

I have 94 disco 1 v8 manual, which is currently in process of breaking appart.

I have bought new defender bulkhead outriggers, defender 90 rear seatbox/fuel tank outriggers and series rear crossmember.

Next week we'll shorten the chassis for 12".

I have some questions:
1. Fuel Tank: Shall I use defender 90 fuel tank? or series fuel tank? What kind of fuel pump are you running?

2. Radiator: Disco v8 radiator is larger then diesel (I know that tdi raditor fits in defender - i have done the tdi conversion on defender). Shall i go with series radiator or make some "space" for D1 radiator?

3. Gearbox cooler: Are you using it?

4. pedals: I think that I can use those from D1?

5. Steering: Can I use D1 steering assy? Or I need defender's one?

Thank you for now.

I will post some photos, when i'll start putting things together.

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