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59 Series II/IIA Clutch.
I am trying to get my Series 109 back on the road after sitting in the pole shed for a couple of years. First step is bleeding the clutch.
I clean the reservoir, filled with Castrol LMA. Attached hose to bleeder screw on the slave cylinder with hose below surface in collecting jar and started pumping the clutch. I cleared the air and pump till good clear fluid consistently exited the slave and closed the bleeder screw. Each time I did this I got good pressure resistance at the clutch until I closed the bleeder screw. Then I would have no resistance for 3/4 of the clutch depression and then hit a solid stop. Guidance?

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You may have air in the master
I would first bleed the master alone.
You may need an assistant to stroke the pedal.
Crack the line nut at the line out while depressing to the floor. Tighten the line nut before releasing the pedal. Repeat until you have a steady stream during the entire stroke.
If you can’t get a steady stream then the master is likely bad.
Once you have a steady stream from the master then continue bleeding the remainder of the system

hope that helps
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