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Hey everyone

There's a series 2A at my late uncle's place that I have been dreaming of restoring for a while now. It's pretty rough though and I don't know if I'd have the discipline to actually get a project like this done. I'm fairly sure its ex-military as it has some militaristic-looking markings on the bottom of the front wheel guards. I'll list off a few things that I've noticed are wrong with it (pics below):

-The clutch is seized. I'm not sure if its the fault of the pedal, along the line somewhere or the actually clutch mechanism itself, though i suspect the clutch plate might be seized on the flywheel as I think they're notorious for having bad drainage? They are a dry clutch aren't they?

-The engine turns over but fairly reluctantly. I poured a little oil in the cylinders I think (it was a while ago) but it only helped a bit. I tried a couple of other cars and they turned over fine so I'm sure it wasnt the battery. I'm fairly sure every component is there though so that is a definite plus. There are a few fairly mint condition spares lying around as well, such as an air cleaner and a few others.

-The brakes are gone. I don't know if they're disconnected or the lines/linkages are shot but there is no resistance at all.

- I can only assume the fuel pump is out of action. Are there any common alternative fuel pumps used in rovers of this vintage? I've heard the old SU's are pretty shoddy. Maybe not though! Rebuild kits seem to be fairly cheap.

- I can also assume the wheel hubs and associated joints would not be in tip top shape either, as I have no way of telling how long it's been sitting there (most likely a while). I don't think the wheels look overly rusted or anything though.

- The gearbox. I was told by a neighbour that the gearbox is most likely shot. It does select gears quite nicely though. I think he maybe have been thinking of the clutch. I haven't looked into the transfer case but that selects pretty smoothly too, so maybe it's fine.

- I havent looked for rust around the bulkhead but it's probably safe to assume that it is there, as the foot wells have a couple of solid holes through them.

- The chassis didn't look wretched but rust was definitely there.

- Don't know about the diffs or steering column. The steering wheel turns though.

- Not sure about the springs or leaf springs either. I assume the leaf springs are probably seized.

- The seat back-frames are there, however, not much is left of the upholstery, and the seat bases aren't there at all. There is no visible rust in the boxes underneath the seats though which is pretty uplifting.

- Headlights are gone.

- All the panels are, as expected, quite rough but reasonably straight. I'm definitely concerned about rust in the bulkhead though as that seems like it would be a fairly hefty job.

- I have not found a canvas top anywhere (the cabin has been fashioned into a single ute-style cab with some sheet metal and road signs..) so I am wondering what I would be at to get a second hand one or, more than likely, get one sewn up. Not cheap I would imagine?

- Also wondering what people who own these trucks have done in the way of security. I imagine an alarm would be the most effective for when it's parked at home or in town, but info on locking systems and kill-switches etc would be great too.

Everyone thinks I have gone round the bend for wanting to drop time and money on something so old and basic, but I have lusted for one since I was a child.

Any information on how much it has set anyone back to restore any aspect of what I've detailed, or any general information at all, would be deeply appreciated. I'm very keen!

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