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Series III ignition problem

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Series III Diesel -78 converted to petrol 2 1/4 engine by some previous owner. Doesn't give a spark > doesn't ignite.

There's some odd "fix" that you will need to push separate button in a dashboard at the same time when turning the key and cranking the engine. I assume that button is supposed to bypass the ballast resistor.

I checked the leads and the other end is loose and I cannot find the ballast anywhere???
Where should I be looking and how many Ohms that would be?

I have measured all the leads and wires to distributor, contacts seem to be ok and clearance. Checked everything else but no spark so I suspect the ballast and the bypass switch connection at fault.

I measured the coil and it looks ok, also tested with other coil. Any ideas would be appreciated....:dunno:

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Let's re-phrase this.

Does the original ignition coil in pertol 2,25 have a ballast resistor or -wire or is it 12V coil without any ballast?
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