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1982 Series III 2.35

Symptoms: It started smoking white smoke and has lost some power. Doesn't idle well unless I have the choke in. The white smoke only happens when I'm idling and immediately quits once I start going. I immediately parked it once this happened and it's with the mechanic right now for a diagnostic, but he agreed with me that it's likely the engine burning coolant likely meaning that it's one of the following: blown head gasket, a damaged cylinder head, or a cracked engine block.

If it is one of the three, given that I have a friend who's quite experience with Land Rover engines (though not as proficient on the Series models), then how reasonable would it be for us to do this on our own once we dial down the issue ourselves? I'm really not sure how expensive these problems could be and have bought the vehicle with the intention to learn more about the mechanics. Thanks for your help.

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