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I took my '01 Disco (136K) to get the "Service Engine Soon" light code read by my local Oreilly's today but *NO* code was generated from using the device. I was told that this may be due simply to an oil change and/or tune up that's needed.

Was I told correctly? Anything else that may produce this light?

FYI: I spoke to Disco Mike and followed up on inspecting my wires and I confirmed they are grey (original factory installs), apparently the less-preferable choice as opposed to more robust, efficient blue ones. So I hypothesize that a tune is probably in order.

Thanks everyone for your help. I'm just a college student just trying to leverage the best advice I can get because I LOVE my LR Discovery (little quirks and all).


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If that light is still on, go to another store and have them read the codes again, make sure to get the fault code numbers and get back to us. By the way, that light is not an indicator of a tune up and or an oil change.
Per you mileage, that truck is do for it's 2nd major service as shown on a sticky at the top of this section and makes sure you front drive shaft has 1 grease fitting on each of the 3 front u-joints or it is a major expense waiting to happen when it takes out your tranny.
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