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Shifting Question: no downshift/kickdown

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Situation: 1999 RR 4.0 Gems with 190k miles.
I recently did new head gaskets (myself!) and all went well. But, since then, the transmission does not want to shift down to a lower gear when I want to accelerate. Obviously something I did, or forgot to do. But what?

Can anyone tell me: is this function mechanical, electronic, vacuum-assisted, or what? Once I know this, I should be able to trace back to the problem. Thanks for the help in advance,

Kevin in Minneapolis
[email protected]
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WHy no answers? SImple question...

Should be an easy one. Is everyone away on summer holiday or what?
Still need more info - trans downshift problem

Thanks for taking a shot, but I'm sure someone out there knows how the Kickdown function works and can just tell me to save time. Thanks, KO.
MIsunderstood ...

I apologize for not being clearer. I know someone here can tell me what it is on a '99 P38 that makes the transmission shift down when I depress the pedal to accelerate. There are 2 cables going to the intake, I've tried randomly loosening / tightening each and both, no result. There is a vacuum tube from the intake right next to where the throttle cable reaches the intake, and it goes to a round black cylinder thingy - can't see how this relates to shifting. Wires - can't see any electrical anything near the throttle or intake. So? If someone can just tell me what controls downshifting, I can solve it. Is this super-secret restricted information? CIA? NSA? Whistleblower fears? Range Rover owners are a strange crowd.
Other news: I put in the front of the axle tie rod last week, just picked up the behind-the-axle tie rod today (called track rod), putting it in tomorrow. With the new (used) tires, I should be in great shape!
Also: this summer I took out the headliner which was sagging and put in a new one. Hardest part - finding fabric the is more than the standard 54 inches. RR's require 56 inches minimum. 10 trips to Jo-Ann fabrics, but finally found it!
Also: Hurricane wheels are beautiful but damnably difficult to clean.
Thanks for listening. :wave:
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Thanks RoverGuy, now I know where to look.

Much appreciated. I'll check and see what I can find.
Kevin in Minneapolis. :D
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