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Shifting Question: no downshift/kickdown

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Situation: 1999 RR 4.0 Gems with 190k miles.
I recently did new head gaskets (myself!) and all went well. But, since then, the transmission does not want to shift down to a lower gear when I want to accelerate. Obviously something I did, or forgot to do. But what?

Can anyone tell me: is this function mechanical, electronic, vacuum-assisted, or what? Once I know this, I should be able to trace back to the problem. Thanks for the help in advance,

Kevin in Minneapolis
[email protected]
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How do you mean once you find this out you can start tracking it down....Does it have a cable coming out of the tranny, its usually above the pan gasket lip. Does it have a vac line running to the same pan gasket lip maybe at the back...should have a modulator valve if so. Is there a lot of electric connectors at the a whole harness...not just a lock up wire.

I'm unfamiliar with the particular sounds like you forgot to hook the kick down cable up at the throttle body. That's all I got.
Ok. You could a just looked at it by now and had it fixed but right on. You don't know if you unhooked a kick down cable off the top of the motor?... just tryina help. Sometimes its hard to get a reply here if people like me own something different...was just trying to help you figure it out rather than have you stand here complaining no one can help figure out what "should be an easy one". If you did all the work yourself and are having trouble with something you did or didnt do. How do we know what you did is the point. Good luck somebody'll be along sooner or later.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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