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Shifting Question: no downshift/kickdown

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Situation: 1999 RR 4.0 Gems with 190k miles.
I recently did new head gaskets (myself!) and all went well. But, since then, the transmission does not want to shift down to a lower gear when I want to accelerate. Obviously something I did, or forgot to do. But what?

Can anyone tell me: is this function mechanical, electronic, vacuum-assisted, or what? Once I know this, I should be able to trace back to the problem. Thanks for the help in advance,

Kevin in Minneapolis
[email protected]
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GEMS P38 is an electronic controlled transmission, unlike the D1. Kick down is controlled by ECM inputs to the TCM. It is based off of throttle position, road speed, and engine load (which is based off of Mass air flow and injector pulse)

The reason no one has really responded is there is not a very common issue with this, and more diagnosis needs to be preformed before anyone is of any help to you, unless you want to start changing parts that may or may not be bad.

With it happening right after a major repair, I would be looking for any large vacuum leaks that would throw off your MAFS reading.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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