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I have a 99 disco. The previous owner had pulled off the rear shocks and just left them off. It's a bit of a bouncing Betty at the moment. I didn't figure that it would be a major undertaking to put new ones on.

But it turns out that the original nuts and washers are no where to be found. I got the new shocks and would so like to put them on. All of the parts places locally have been useless at locating this particular part.

If someone knows what size and maybe where to locate a couple of pairs I would very much appreciate it.
There is only 3 bolts holding the top mount to the chassis. So remove it and take it into a bolt specialist to get self locking nuts to suit.
The washers are probably a bit harder to find as they are as large as the shock rubbers, reasonably thick, with a curved face on one side.
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