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Hello everyone. I am new here. I have always loved the look and heritage of the defenders. And now might be the time to buy one.

Here are my questions. I am almost retired now and have been planning to travel across Canada Next Summer for 3 months. I spend most of my camping in quiet more remote places, So I need something that can travel hours at a time on the Hwy but have to toughness to get a little off the main road.

Now I am not talking Rubicon trail , But lots of back roads timber cut lines things like that.

I found some in Quebec that have the tdi 300 diesel. Is this a good motor and I was wondering if I could tow a small travel trailer behind it. The trailer is about 4500lb loaded.

I have looked at some online I am looking in the 35k range is there any advice you all can offer me.

Thank you

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The 300tdi is a excellent motor.

As for the Defender are you looking at a 110 or a 90? Creature comforts are lacking in either, as is sound deadner. I find my 110 to be comfortable to drive. Even if it's noisy drafty and leaky.

The 110 would offer more space to carry your gear or family members. As far as driver comfort goes they are equal. I also feel the longer wheel base would cope better with a trailer.

If your after more comfort though, go for a Range Rover Classic with a 200/300 tdi fitted or a Discovery 1 with that engine.
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