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Awesome thanks

And just to be sure, thats for the clear light that is surrounded by the orange right?

Also, what is the bulb that is in the corner, the tiny little orange light that is inside the far left edge (not the turn signal)

thanks in advance!!! :beer:

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W5M/168 heat will melt the side light bulb holders.

The bulb that goes in the yellow side marker position of the head light assembly is a W3W bulb that looks just like a 168 or W5M but generates half the heat.

Putting a W5M in the either the front headlight or rear tail light side marker postion melts the round holder the bulb sits in. How I know is that I installed W5W bulbs mis bagged as W3W bulbs from my LR dealer and then found out the hard way. It turns out the bulbs are marked in black ink letters W5W or W3W - you just have to have good eyes and bright sunlight to see the writing.

As to the bulb that goes in the side light mounted on the door, I expect it is also a W3W as I do not see any side lights below called up as W5W.

The Land Rover dealer will have them them or can order then, as mine often has to do.
The LR part numbers that I use for the W5M bulb is AFU4481; for the W3W, it is XZQ000080 as in your post above and what you want.

The G on that part number above is just added on to indicate that the seller is giving you a Genuine Land Rover sourced product, (usually out of the old Yugoslavia rather than a knockoff from a far east supplier).

I keep a few in my parts stock as the dealer always seems to be out and I then have to wait a week for the bulbs to appear.

Below is from the LR Owners manual as to bulb numbers.

Bulb Watts/Type

Cornering lamps (Halogen) 35 (H8)
Front side lamps W3W
Front direction indicators S8
Rear direction indicators P21
Front fog lamps (Halogen) 55 (H11)
Side marker lamps W3W
Reverse lamps P21
Rear fog guard lamps P21
Stop/tail lamps P21/5
Number plate lamps W5W
Door/puddle lamps W5W
Interior lamps W5W
Luggage/footwell lamps W5W
Luggage/tailgate lamps W5W
Glovebox lamp W5W
Vanity mirror lamp 1.2
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